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8 Industries that can Benefit from Third Party Logistics Services

third party logisticsThere are some industries in which the benefits of third party logistics services are quite obvious, and then there are those companies where the opportunities may not be quite so apparent.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the obvious and some of the not-so-obvious industries that can benefit from third party logistics services.

    • Home Improvement:  There is a lot of money that exchanges hands where home improvement is concerned, and a third party logistics company can help you maintain a cost effective and efficient project while overseeing distribution, installation, debris removal and disposal, and other functions related to the home improvement process.  Third party logistics services can help suppliers, homeowners, retailers, general contractors, installers, and everybody involved in the home improvement process stay efficient.


    • Construction:  Proper workflow is essential for any business, but in construction, this can mean the difference between breaking ground and breaking the bank. Our third party logistics services can help you find equipment and source raw materials, pool materials for delivery, and assist you with order management.  Materials logistics can be a lot to keep track of, and a third party logistics company can help you stay focused on your projects at hand while ensuring that the materials travel safely and are stored in a secure place until they’re ready to be used in the process.


    • Food and Dairy:  The food industry ranges from farm to table these days, and third party logistics can help you consolidate loads so your delivery is efficient.  We work with regional temperature controlled distribution centers to ensure that your products make it from start to finish with optimal quality.


    • Hi-Tech:  Electronics, computers, and office equipment require their own special attention.  Our third party logistics firm combines the ability to understand warehousing, re-packing, inbound, and outbound logistics to ensure that the entire life cycle of the product is overseen.


    • Retail:  Competition and the need for profitability are constant concerns in the retail industry.  Our third party logistics firm can help you reduce inventory by consolidating your storage facilities.  We are also skilled in working with break-bulk and cross-dock facilities.


    • Forest Industry:  This is a specialized field that requires skills that industry professionals understand.  Our system gives you the visibility to account for the entire chain of logistics, from beginning to end.  We can help you manage your bottom line by helping you better understand and pay attention to your production and logistical costs.


    • Hotels:  If taking care of people is what you do, then you already know how important it is to have the things in place that bring your operating supplies and equipment inventory management systems to their optimal potential.  Furniture, fixtures, and equipment costs are easily conquered with our third party logistics system.


  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare:  Fewer industries have such a strict set of regulations! With standards that require such constant attention, your third party logistics team needs to have the experience to understand the needs of your industry.  Pick-and-pack warehousing can help you keep control of your inventory and costs.  We understand the importance of the medicines and equipment that are involved in your industry, and we offer temperature controlled logistics that enable you to keep control of your supply chain from product to market.

If you’re looking for a quality logistics company that works as a partner with you to ensure that your business needs are met and efficiency is optimized, we’d love to talk to you!  Contact our team at 3PL Links today!


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