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What is Third Party Logistics Management?

third party logistics managementWithin many companies, managers often find themselves overwhelmed with various areas of their business to manage all at once. From employees, finances, marketing strategies, contracts, customer expectations and more, often times inventory and supply chain management gets pushed aside and left at the bottom of the list. As a result, inefficiencies are left unfixed, and supply chain issues and logistics management is simply not tended to in the way it should be. After a period of time, business owners and managers realize their need for logistics assistance.

But typically, businesses are unsure of what exactly third party logistics management really is, what it entails, and how it can benefit the company’s bottom line. Throughout this blog post we will cover these common questions, and provide businesses with a better understanding of the overall benefits associated with third party logistics management.

General Third Party Logistics Management Services

Generally, a third party logistics management company will take care of coordinating the shipment of goods from point A to point B. This could entail shipping products from the manufacturer to retailers, or even transporting various materials to production facilities for development. Essentially, a third party logistics management company will facilitate the development and delivery of your product from the very beginning stages of product development, all the way to moment your goods reach the market.

Our third party logistics management services can do this by using various modes of transportation to transport all your goods, depending on budget, time constraints and overall efficiency. Generally, these forms of transportation include:

  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
  • Truck Load (TL)
  • Rail Service
  • International Air
  • Ocean Freightliners

Depending on distance, time constraints and budget, one or many of these transportation methods can be used to facilitate your logistics and supply needs. As well, a third party logistics management service will take care of all warehousing requirements that are unique to each specific client. We can arrange multiple warehousing locations across different regions, and arrange for storage that is specific to your particular goods.

Specialty Third Party Logistics Management Services

A third party logistics management service can also manage specialty items that require specific attention, and unique transportation and storage arrangements. This type of logistics management includes transportation solutions such as:

  • Tankers
  • Flat Bed Trailers
  • Refrigerated and Temperature Sensitive Transportation
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation
  • Expedited Shipments
  • & more!

Our specialty warehousing options can facilitate cold storage for produce and perishable food items, medical supplies, chemicals and much more. Regardless of the goods or products that need to be warehoused, we will find the most suiting facility for your specific needs.

Overall, a third party logistics management service is beneficial for any business, big or small, due to its specific attention to this critical aspect of your business. And because of the many years of experience and expertise in logistics and supply chain management in general, a professional service can develop and implement a far more effective logistics program than a traditional business manager. At 3PL we work alongside our clients to ensure that the most effective logistics plans are put into place that will optimize production, keep supply and inventory at desired levels, and essentially improve the bottom line through a well-managed logistics program.

If you’re a business owner or manager looking to increase your company’s logistics efficiency, contact us or call today at 1-877-759-4287 to find out more about our extensive third party logistics management services!

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