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The Importance of Supply Chain Compliance

Supply chain complianceAn efficient and effective supply chain can become a powerful competitive advantage in a marketplace saturated with demanding customers and innovative competitors. Many companies struggle with the daunting task of reducing freight costs every year, when their vendors are already struggling to provide the service at such low costs. An alternative to beating down your vendors on price to reduce supply chain spend, is to focus on compliance. Holding your vendors accountable for falling short on service levels and billing expectations can save your company time and money, as well as improve relationships with your customers. Vendor’s should be compliant in two distinct areas; billing and performance. Continue reading

LTL Industry Best Practices for Cross-Border Shipping

cross-border shippingCross-border shipping is an integral part of the global economy and an especially important component of the commercial relationship between the United States and Canada. The United States Census Bureau reported that in May of 2014 the U.S. imported over $30 billion in goods from Canada. If your business is looking to engage in any kind of cross-border shipping, it is important that you ship your goods in an efficient way that also complies with all the pertinent regulations for this type of commerce.

Include the Proper Documents

The first step in making sure that you can properly engage in cross-border shipping is getting your documents in order. Important things that you need to have include:

  • Your bill of lading that is filled out with all the necessary information
  • Evidence of the purchase of the goods, such as an invoice or purchase order
  • A license to import/export: this is usually only required for products that are regulated, like firearms, tobacco, etc.

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