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Why You NEED Online Tracking & Visibility with 3PL 360

online shipment trackingThe ability to track your shipments puts you in control of your business. Since you are always updated on the status of the shipment, you can effectively make important business decisions in advance.  The receiver is traditionally also updated on the status of the shipment so he or she can make special arrangements to receive the consignment as soon as it arrives. Shipment tracking is the surest way of knowing how safe the consignment is.

Online shipment tracking is therefore a critical component of supply chain management. Most businesses invest in supply chain management for three main reasons;

  1. To minimize delays
  2. To enhance collaboration
  3. To reduce cost of operation

Online shipment tracking contributes to this bottom line in 5 main ways:

1. Using one Resource to Manage all Shipping Needs

Popular as one-stop discount shipping, handling multiple shipping services in one place is a great way for business to cut on costs. By working with a single online shipment tracking provider, you also save on time that would have otherwise been spent moving from one provider to another. You’ll be given one number for all your shipping activities; a consolidated bill; and one shipping system.

2. Instant Comparison of Courier Rates from the Best Couriers

Shipping being so sensitive has often forced business to spend a lot of time online trying to compare courier rates. They want to find out the best destinations and are also keen on any deals. Fortunately, most shipment trackers offer these services. This will save you valuable time in the shipment process. Furthermore, moving from one website to another, comparing rates is never a good idea because it exposes you to the malice that exists on the internet.

3. Tracking is Done in Real Time

One of the major advantages of online shipment tracking is the real-time feature. You will be updated as frequently as you wish, of course at an increased cost. This is different from traditional shipment tracking systems where you are only updated when the consignment reaches selected points. This will help you on all levels of the planning process. You will even have enough data to analyze results beforehand.

4. Building Mutual Trust

The integrity of the supply chain depends on supplier relationships. Can you trust your suppliers? Can they trust you? Through online shipment tracking you get to forge a thriving working relationship with the supplier. If your supplier is always updated on shipment status, and in real-time, it can only benefit your relationship.

5: Creation of Unique Passwords that can Only be Changed at the Customers Discretion

Online shipment tracking offers very high levels of security. Customers are usually given auto-generated passwords, specific to their consignments, and which can only be altered if they wish so. Now, even if there were to be confusion, since every customer only has a password to his or her consignment, the risk of loss is greatly reduced.

Summary – Online Shipment Tracking

There are several other benefits of online shipment tracking services. In most cases, all you have to do is enter a container name and number to view the status of your shipment. Some systems will also require that you enter origin and destination of shipment before you can access the shipment status. If the goods are being transported by van, there will always be constant communication to ensure that the consignment is secure. And when you are certain that the shipment is safe on its way, you can concentrate on income generating aspects of the business.


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