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Cross Border Shipping Services for Canada and the US

We make cross border shipping easy for many of our U.S. based customers shipping to and from Canada. Border delays and customs clearance issues can be a nightmare and prove to be a major factor in customer retention. We ensure cross border shipping is made easy and seamless for our customers.

Our presence in key US markets allow us to service all of the United States. With a presence in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, the 3PL Links team can provide transportation management solutions to customers who are looking to ship freight to Canada or vice-versa.

Our full service cross-border US transportation solutions comprise of various shipping methods that will complement or add to your existing transportation supply chain solution. We specialize in the following cross-border offerings:

Cross Border Shipping Services

Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

full truckload shipping

Our entire-load truck (FTL) delivery service is right for corporations with big shipments that require devoted area in the truck. By booking the whole truck for your transport you get the gain of direct transport with out stopping, making sure of quicker transit times and lowering harm or loss. This offering from 3PL Links is excellent for complicated shipments or devices that require easy transportation, at the facet of bulk cargo, massive system, or delicate devices that need to carefully handled from supply to destination spot.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

less than truckload shipping

Less Than Truckload (LTL) delivery is designed for smaller venture shipments that don’t require a whole truck. LTL best can pay for the distance the shipment takes up, making it a fee-effective solution for smaller products or corporations seeking to optimize transport costs. Our network and knowledge in LTL inner guarantees clean consolidation and shipping of small shipments, bendy scheduling and competitive pricing . This service is idea for companies seeking out low fee transport solutions with out compromising reliability or transit time.


Dual Temp Shipping:

dual temperature shipping

3PL Links offers a Dual Temp transport tailored for corporations that require specific temperature conditions throughout transportation. Whether your product is sensitive to temperature changes or calls for an entirely distinct heating/cooling area for one in keeping with product, we provide precise device and fabric dealing with know-how to ensure a brilliant heating/cooling design. From medicinal substances to perishables, our Dual Temp supplier guarantees that your product reaches its rest length in the primary situations, all while meeting your requirements and regulatory necessities.


Refrigerated Shipping:

refrigerated logistics
Industries using perishable goods, which need to be refrigerated often to preserve freshness and quality, are the ones for which refrigerated shipping containers are designed. Our modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles and effective handling make sure that your goods—like dairy, vegetables, fruits, and prescription drugs—keep their integrity all the way to their destination. To safeguard your shipments from temperature variations, we ensure they adhere to food safety laws, and meet the highest quality standards available, we provide real-time monitoring and adjustable temperature systems.


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We saw a reduction in logistics costs by as much as 7 to 8%. These numbers are huge and they help to make CNB Computers competitive in a very tough market.

– Bony Chhabra, Managing Director at CNB Computers

"We saw a reduction in logistics costs by as much as 7 to 8%"

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