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Audit & Analytics

Audit and Analytics
What is Audit & Analytics?

Audit & Analytics is the 3PL Links’ supply chain platform that will allow you to optimize your supply chain by making smarter decisions faster. The 3PL Links Audit & Analytics tool ensures your invoice are 100% accurate, while gathering all relevant supply chain data and presenting it to you via interactive dashboards tailor-made to fit your needs. It’s time to take control of your supply chain spend. Audit & Analytics will help you get there.

A company-wide solution to an inefficient supply chain.

Audit and Analytics TorontoAn audit service that finance departments can count on.

Stop paying for your vendor’s billing mistakes. Audit & Analytics identifies all billing errors in your invoices and ensures that you are never overcharged again. Our highly skilled freight audit team will resolve all discrepancies with your vendors on your behalf, saving your company time and money. Audit & Analytics will process 1000’s of supply chain invoices for you, so that your finance team can focus their attention on less monotonous tasks. Every invoice will be 100% accurate and will have a fully visible audit trail. The best part … the savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service, in year one! 3PL Links is one of best freight audit companies providing these services.

An Analytics tool that will make your logistics team look like heroes.

Your Operations team will thank Audit & Analytics for clearing their desk of invoices and backup documents. No more stacks of invoicing issues to correct, or accessorial charges that need approval. Audit & Analytics streamlines the process and works with your vendors to clear up all outstanding issues on your behalf. Now, with a clean desk and some free time, your operations team can utilize the Audit & Analytics business intelligence tool to optimize your supply chain. Use a carrier scorecard dashboard to compare your top carriers, or breakdown your supply chain expenses by region to make sure you are taking advantage of volume discounts. It’s time to optimize your supply chain, with audit and analytics from 3PL Links.

Audit and Analytics CanadaStop working hard. Start working smart.

Your time is too valuable to be pushing paper.

High volume shippers are either spending too much time and money keeping track of invoicing errors, or not enough. With our Audit & Analytics service, your invoices become our problem. 3PL Links will retrieve the invoices from your vendors, audit them to 100% accuracy, and pay them on your behalf. Think about all the free time you’ll have to focus on optimizing your supply chain.

Optimizing your supply chain isn’t rocket science …

Or at least it doesn’t have to be. The audit & analytics system will give you all of the tools you need to optimize your supply chain, without spending hours manipulating excel spreadsheets. Whether your objective is to cut costs, improve service, or just hold your vendors accountable, our analytics tool will help you to identify and execute an optimal solution. 3PL Links is one of the best freight audit companies providing the audit and analytics service.

The benefits of Audit & Analytics

Audit & Analytics will allow your company to work smart. Stop wasting time with monotonous tasks, and start spending your day generating value for the company. With our audit & analytics tool, you will have the time and information to make better decisions, faster.

  • Zero effort for your team
  • ROI expected within a year
  • 100% invoice accuracy
  • Rededicated resources
  • 1 standard invoice for all of your vendors
  • Instant access to supply chain analytics
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • Efficient supply chain optimization
  • Decreased supply chain spend
  • Instant access to financial reporting
  • Full audit trail on every invoice
  • Increased cash control
  • Efficient data quality, collection, and consolidation
  • Customizable dashboards at your fingertips
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