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8 Industries that can Benefit from Third Party Logistics Services

third party logisticsThere are some industries in which the benefits of third party logistics services are quite obvious, and then there are those companies where the opportunities may not be quite so apparent.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the obvious and some of the not-so-obvious industries that can benefit from third party logistics services. Continue reading

Why You NEED Online Tracking & Visibility with 3PL 360

online shipment trackingThe ability to track your shipments puts you in control of your business. Since you are always updated on the status of the shipment, you can effectively make important business decisions in advance.  The receiver is traditionally also updated on the status of the shipment so he or she can make special arrangements to receive the consignment as soon as it arrives. Shipment tracking is the surest way of knowing how safe the consignment is. Continue reading

How to Reduce Logistics Costs

Logistics CostsLogistics (and the costs therein) is a necessary part of the productivity of your business. However, you should not simply accept your company’s logistics costs for what they are. You can greatly increase your bottom line by optimizing your company’s logistics costs. The best way that you can accomplish this goal without sacrificing the efficiency of your logistics operations is to source the benefits of a third party logistics provider (3PL). Continue reading

The Benefits of Vendor Audit and Payment Services

Vendor AuditAuditing reassures organizations regarding financial controls. Audited accounts guarantee you that access to financial documents at the vendor’s desk are tightly controlled. Every company wants its customer data secured; you want to make sure that the vendor is complying with contractual obligations. The need for exhaustive auditing becomes even greater considering the ever evolving quality control market. In the current industry, quality products are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. Continue reading

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