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Logistics Solutions for the Hotel and Hospitality Industries

Hotel logistics informationIn the corporate world, the catch-all term “logistics” describes any and all activities involved in the transportation and warehousing of goods.

Commercial logistics adopted the concept from its military application, where the procurement, maintenance and transportation of materials, facilities and personnel are all of equal importance. In essence, logistics is the science of supply chain management.

Providing logistics solutions to the hotel and hospitality industries is a very particular discipline, one that’s practiced almost as an art form at 3PL Links.

A Specialized Area of Expertise

Interestingly, logistics is defined as “the handling of the details of an operation.” Few business environments are more exacting than the hotel and hospitality industries, so supplying logistics solutions in those areas requires extremely detailed, up-to-the-minute expertise.

We understand the challenges faced by the hotel and hospitality industries. ADR (average daily rate) discounting has become far more commonplace in recent years, as have restaurant value deals, and – while both initiatives can boost traffic – they also cut into the bottom line. Minimized cost of sales, coupled to maintained or increased levels of service, are the twin keys to success, and working with 3PL Links makes both goals simultaneously realizable.

By cutting costs in the supply chain, while sacrificing neither reliability nor customer service, our detailed, expert approach to logistics can improve service to all major operational challenges:

  • Food and beverage
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Operating supply and equipment

Experienced and Detail Oriented

Through our network of suppliers and clients, 3PL Links serve some of the world’s largest, most prestigious hotels and restaurant chains. We provide services including storing and moving freight with impeccable attention to detail.

Our reliability creates or increases your competitive advantage, and our international network of dedicated offices across Canada, the United States, and Mexico means we’re trusted by the brands in the hotel and hospitality industries.

Whether you’re running  an established business, but need a more reliable support service, or are setting up a new hotel or catering operation, and thus require furniture, fixtures and equipment, our experience will allow us to proactively anticipate problems, removing them from the landscape long before they need to be overcome. When crises do occur outside of our immediate spheres of responsibility, we can always be called upon to offer solutions and options, quickly and effectively.

Free Consultations

Every client is different, so we tailor our solutions specifically. We do this by offering a professional logistics consultancy service, then advising according to unique project requirements. This nuts-and-bolts philosophy allows 3PL Links to optimize both supply chain and warehousing programs, reducing operational and administrative overheads.

We are confident that we can guide you toward achieving optimum performance levels for your business, we offer an entirely free, individualized supply chain analysis. Get your no-cost, customized supply chain analysis by completing the short form here.

Once we’re involved, our process will:

  • Identify the very best logistics architecture for your unique supply chain objectives
  • Develop a customized, cost-effective supply chain solution
  • Implement and manage that system, proactively preventing any problems from arising
  • Provide monthly reports, as part of the contract price, which detail agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators

Get more information on our logistics solutions for the hotel and hospitality industries by calling (905) 850-9002. You can also send us an email at, or via our Contact Us facility. Explain a little about how we can help, let us know the most convenient time to call you back, and one of our industry specialists will be in touch.

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