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How our Supply Chain Solutions Reduce Expenses and Increase Efficiencies

Supply Chain SolutionsWhatever market share a company enjoys, there are always competitors working to grab it. In the whole chain from manufacturer to consumer, the goal should be not just to make the customer happy, but to keep them happy. What keeps them happy is competitive prices and product availability. Supply chain solutions companies ensure that customers who know and like your brand are never disappointed on these two points.

The difference they make 

Our supply chain solutions reduce costs and improve service to customers by ensuring timely supply to the market. We use radio-frequency identification technology to automate the distribution chain and ensure visibility.

It’s difficult to manage what cannot be seen. When the supply manger cannot track goods, they cannot ensure that products are delivered into the market and to customers on time. One thing that supply chain solutions do is ensure end-to-end visibility. This streamlines the chain so that when goods move from the factory or are imported by road, air or rail, they can be tracked.

If there are any anomalies, they can be detected early and arrangements can be made to take care of the hold-up so that goods are delivered on time. Business owners can track the whereabouts and status of their deliveries in real time. When outlets have this assurance, they will want to do business with such a company.

Automation cuts costs in more than one way. Firstly, it eliminates manual processes which are prone to error. Secondly, relying on people can also cause delays. Thirdly, it eliminates the need for a business to invest in the machinery and equipment needed to automate the supply chain. A fourth cost that is eliminated when the distribution chain is outsourced, is the cost of hiring full-time personnel to work round the clock to oversee distribution. When the service is outsourced, a company only pays for service and equipment when they are in actual use.

Investing into expansion

When operations are optimized with on-time deliveries and lowered operation costs, a business can concentrate on their core activities. They can also think about growth which may be by supplying more items or expanding operations to other areas apart from their immediate locality. With distribution guaranteed, it will certainly be easier to do so.

Make the right link

Even if you believe your supply chain is beyond reproach, it will do no harm to have it analyzed. 3PL Links, is a leading Canada-based supply chain solutions company. We offer a free initial analysis that allows us to customize a plan to optimize your chain. Get in touch with us today!

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