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Logistics Management Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business

Logistics Management SolutionsA company”s ability to transport merchandise quickly and inexpensively is crucial for the growth of the business. But shipping large consignments of goods can be tedious, time consuming and expensive. It requires considerable administrative and other resources than can drain away your company”s profits. Instead, using the logistics management solutions provided by 3rd party logistics providers can help you save time and money and concentrate on other important areas of your business.

Logistics management is a part of supply chain management and involves the planning, implementation and control of the flow and storage of goods and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The smoother the supply chain the greater your company”s credibility will be, which translates into increased sales. A fast and smooth supply chain also ensures lower freight costs and reduced risk of damages and loss.

Here are 5 ways logistics management solutions provided by 3PL companies can help you grow your business:

Frees up Time and Resources: Logistics management is a very time consuming task that can take up significant time and human resources. Using the solutions provided by a third party logistics company frees up time and resources that you can use elsewhere. This eliminates the need to have a large logistics department and to train your staff or hire new staff.

Minimizes Risk of Loss and Damages: When moving any large quantity of goods, there is always the risk of loss and damages. Since your 3PL provider has control over the entire supply chain, the risk of damages, loss and theft are minimized. Their containers and storage facilities are built for long distance transportation and are climate-controlled. This minimizes the risk of damages due to natural causes.

Integrated Shipping Solution: From pick up to distribution, 3PL companies handls everything in a comprehensive package, saving your company from the hassles of having to manage your own logistics and negotiate with carriers and storage providers, which cannot only be troublesome but also costly. This saves you a lot of time, energy and money, which results in increased efficiency and profitability.

Reduces Freight Costs: There are many costs associated with freight, including carrier costs, demurrage, customs and storage fees. These costs can make transporting goods across international borders very expensive. An important part of logistics management solutions is negotiating these costs in order to minimize the burden on client companies (that includes you). They can get discounts and rebates that you usually cannot. As a result, your freight costs will be greatly reduced.

Enhances your Credibility: 3PL can have your goods delivered on time and without any damages. Since 3PL has the entire shipping mechanism already in place, the risk of delays, damages and losses are greatly minimized. Thus, the smooth supply of your products will be delivered ensured, which enhances your credibility in the eyes of your customers, which translates into increased sales.

Leveraging the buying power of a company like 3PL Links is an excellent way to reduce your transportation costs and streamline your product distribution with our logistics management solutions. Keep your business running successfully with a custom logistics solution – contact us today to get started!


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