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What are the Benefits of Third Party Logistics Companies?

Third Party Logistics CompanyCoordinating the shipping of large quantities of items, especially of a fragile or hazardous nature, can be tedious and time consuming, not to mention costly. The fact that there are different shipping regulations and challenges across every border makes matters more complicated. Fortunately, there are third party logistics companies that can handle all your shipping needs without your having to get involved in the process. With the hassle of shipping, distribution and storage taken care of, you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business operations.

Here 7 good reasons why you should use the services of third party logistics (3PL) companies:

Greater Flexibility: 3PL companies typically offer several booking options and service types to suit the requirements of every customer. You can even have your shipments tailored to your specific need. Since these companies work with numerous carriers, you will have access to a variety of service levels without having to negotiate with any of them. This translates into greater flexibility in shipping your product.

Reduced Shipping Costs: Third party logistics companies have greater negotiating leverage with carriers. They can get discounts and fee waivers that you wouldn’t get working on your own, such as more competitive rates from carriers, reduced demurrage, reduced customs, reduced per diem penalty rates and greater free time allocations. This translates into reduced overall shipping costs.

Integrated Solutions: 3PL service providers usually have fleets of ships and trucks and operate through multiple storage facilities and shipping ports. This means that they can provide integrated solutions that include pickup, shipping, storage and delivery all in one package. It frees you from the hassle of having to negotiate with several different companies. It also cuts down on paperwork and increases efficiency.

Enhanced Tracking and Monitoring: A company like 3PL Links uses cutting edge tracking and monitoring technologies so that you can continually track the progress of your cargo on your computer or tablet as it moves from one place to another. Not only that, you can also obtain information like temperature and pressure inside the climate controlled container.  You will also be notified immediately if any delays occur.

Climate-Controlled Storage: 3PL service providers have multiple climate-controlled storage facilities where your cargo is safely stored during transit or until it is delivered at the final destination. Different items are stored in different containers according to the optimum temperature they require. This minimizes the chances of your cargo being damaged while it is waiting to be delivered or resume its journey.

Administrative Savings: Hiring a 3PL compamu to handle your shipping is like outsourcing the administrative component of your logistics program. You will not have to hire new staff or train existing staff to handle the logistics. You will also not have to negotiate with different carriers and storage providers. This saves you money, time and a lot of headache.

Enhanced Security: Since 3PL companies employ enhanced security measures to ensure the safety and security of your cargo, you will not have to worry about the cargo being damaged, vandalized, lost or stolen.

From picking up to transportation, storage and delivery, third party logistics companies provide the complete package. Since they are in control of every stage of shipment, they can ensure reduced costs as well as safe and speedy delivery of your cargo. These are just some of the reasons why is it advantageous to use the services of 3PL Links.


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