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Logistics Management: An Integral Part of Any Business

logistics managementLogistics management is the part of the supply chain management that plans, controls and implements the storage and movement of goods and services (and all their related information) from a point of origin to the final destination or point of consumption.  If done correctly your company will benefit from efficiency, cost saving and will be known for great customer service.

As the demands of your market change and grow, your company needs to be able to change with it and still maintain your high standards of quality, price and on time delivery.  Making the decision to work with a logistics management company is a great first step to ensuring you are set up for future success.

A logistics company such as 3PL Links is an excellent example of a logistics management company that will put your needs first.  It is not a transportation company that is simply trying to sell you their shipping services.  It is a company that understands the need to learn the specifics of your situation and to come up with the best solution possible that is customized for your company.

The first step when you work with a logistics management consultancy is to meet with them to identify all your logistical roadblocks.  The consultancy will know how to drive the knowledge gathering with you to a point where it becomes clear where the weakest links in your supply chain management system are.  Then the solutions can be found, whether it is in the methodology of pricing, dispatching, operations, auditing or customer service.

For very large organizations that have global delivery needs, a pilot project is commonly set up to test out the proposed solutions.  Depending on your industry, you will inevitably have some very specific needs around volume, handling, and timing – and these are all best figured out in a small scale implementation of a system before rolling it out to the entire operation.

By its nature, 3PL Links has an organic approach to its solution creation – always staying on top of the fine tuning needed as the system is implemented.

Logistics management companies focus on the following:

  • Sourcing appropriate vendors who can provide appropriate transportation facilities
  • Selecting the most efficient routes for transportation
  • Determining the best deliver method for your goods
  • Creation of an Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software system tailored to your company requirements

Once the solution is working on a small scale, it can then be rolled out to the full spectrum of the company.  The consultancy would work with you to set your key performance indicators and then you can consistently measure how well the solution is working.

The best part about working with a logistics management company like 3PL Links is that your account is treated with the same care and diligence that you would have if they were on your internal payroll.  They are integrated with you and your team for long term growth together.  As new technologies come on the market – the logistics management team will upgrade your system to keep on the cutting edge.  You will never have to worry about paying for a single one time consultancy solution that is outdated in a few years, the relationship will be beneficial on a continual basis with no knowledge loss over time.

A logistics management company is integral to any business since it will free up internal staff to continue to do what made the company successful in the first place – focus on the creation of great products.  Why learn a whole new business around logistics when you can simply hire a team of experts who specialize in it exclusively?

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