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5 Things to Consider When Hiring Transportation Companies

9774967_sMany businesses rely on transportation companies to move their product across the country or borders because they know that lowering transport costs is critical to maintaining their business’s healthy bottom line. If your business is examining the costs versus benefits of outsourcing its freight requirements, here are five important factors to consider.


Since on time delivery is so critical to your company, do your homework to ensure that the transportation companies that you are considering have the experience in the specific areas that you need. Not only should the transportation company have experience in transportation in your area, but a transportation company in business and with a track record matters, too. A transportation company that can demonstrate excellent customer service over the years is more likely to deliver those same results to your business

Industry Expertise

Look for a company that is an expert in the kind of transportation you want, and have answers to questions that you might not have thought about yet. If you require domestic freight services at a truckload or less, find a company that specializes in that area. Or, seek out a transportation company that has acquired expertise in all types of transportation, local and international.

Your transportation company should also demonstrate knowledge of the industry’s state of the art practices, technology and freight services. Your choice to outsource your freight requirements is a decision that should free up time for your management team to spend time on revenue-generating activities, not cause worry that your supply chain is falling behind.


Your transportation company should be able to use their experience and expertise to customize your needs. Every business is different, and your particular freight requirements should be their top priority, not trying to convince you of a once-size-fits-all approach.


In the competitive and global marketplace, you need access to information about your products on your schedule. An experienced transportation company will be working with the latest technology including satellite tracking. Your shipment information should be no further than a computer click away so that you will know what your transportation company knows in real time.

Growth Potential

Your transportation company, with its experience, expertise and technology, should save you money in transportation costs in addition to freeing up your employees to concentrate on what they do best. These savings should also cause your company to grow. Can your transportation company grow with you?

Growth potential is a crucial factor since your business’s growth will rely on uninterrupted product deliveries, or expansion to new markets. The transportation companies that you are considering must be able to penetrate new markets with your business.

Your business can expect to lower its freight and shipping when you find an experienced transportation company with industry expertise, customization, technology and growth potential.

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