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5 Advantages of a 3PL Service to Multiply Your Success

Advantages of 3PL Service

Advantages of 3PL Service | Image Source: Google Images

3PL is an acronym for “Third Party Logistics”. It means hiring a specialized company to carry out the logistics of your business and thus concentrate on the key activities of your company. Today, in this article we are sharing the main advantages that a 3PL service can give you.

Essentially, a 3PL company is a physical location that helps you with the storage and distribution of your products. It even has the ability to support you in inventory management issues, local and regional distribution of merchandise and returns.

If you are wondering if the size of your company is large enough to hire a 3PL service, we recommend you to focus on the time you can save by simplifying processes with customized solutions.

Simplify your processes with a 3PL service

A 3PL service represents support for the performance of your operation and has the ability to create a suit tailored to your needs based on:

Collection: at your factory or company
Packing and packaging
Transportation: From the Distribution Center to your customers
Import of merchandise
Solutions in E-Commerce


Instead of investing financially in a physical space and dividing your time supervising employees to pack as well as transport your merchandise, a 3PL service does it for you.

In addition, a 3PL service has technology systems and the intelligent use of it will make your business work at its maximum potential and on wheels.


5 Advantages of a 3PL to multiply your success

A 3PL has all the tools you need for the success of your operation. In addition, in this way, you will have access to a series of previously qualified resources:

  • A specialized team that knows perfectly how to handle your merchandise.
  • A land fleet at your service.
  • Experience in imports and even agreements for air and sea transportation if you require it.


A 3PL service saves time and money:

  1. It allows you to reduce capital investment in physical space and merchandise transportation thanks to the consolidated cargo service.
  2. You eliminate the learning curve that it would take for your team to be trained in the technology for inventory management and transportation.
  3. Thanks to the team of experts, you avoid having to hire and supervise employees to achieve these goals.


Risk reduction:

Allowing a 3PL company to do your job will increase your own productivity. We know that being productive is not the same as staying busy and by relying on their experience, you reduce risks in security issues, route planning and documentation, as well as processes with customs agents and imports if required. In a word: you reduce stress.


You optimize the supply chain to the maximum:

  • The specialized technology that a 3PL company has allows you to have a comprehensive vision.
  • Real-time tracking of your merchandise allows you to provide quality service to your customers. So instead of coordinating many vendors with their respective deliveries and returns, your logistics partner handles the entire supply chain from start to finish.


A 3PL service provides Scalability and Flexibility

As your inventory and transportation needs change, your 3PL should give you the certainty to streamline your processes. Having the certainty that you will be able to deliver your merchandise in a timely manner ensures the growth you are looking for as well as success in each part of the process.



Allowing a 3PL company like ourselves to do its job allows you to more easily achieve your operating goals. Your productivity success means identifying those processes that will save you time, resources and stress.

Would you like to find a customized solution for logistics issues? Expecting or having the idea that you can control each part of the chain carries an opportunity cost in the short and long term.

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