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Logistics Solutions for the Hotel and Hospitality Industries

Hotel logistics informationIn the corporate world, the catch-all term “logistics” describes any and all activities involved in the transportation and warehousing of goods.

Commercial logistics adopted the concept from its military application, where the procurement, maintenance and transportation of materials, facilities and personnel are all of equal importance. In essence, logistics is the science of supply chain management.

Providing logistics solutions to the hotel and hospitality industries is a very particular discipline, one that’s practiced almost as an art form at 3PL Links.
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Why Logistics Consulting is an Important First Step

Logistics ConsultingExternal, third-party consultants must bring expertise that enables the solving of a specific issue or series of issues within a set budgetary resource that cannot be addressed internally. Certainly, logistics consulting is one such skillset; it’s a necessary function of most businesses, on which few companies maintain internal experts.

The word “consult” has a Latin root meaning “to discuss,” and that’s all most consultants do – they chatter away until you’ve answered all your own questions, then formalize that input, take credit for it, and send out a bill. Logistics consulting most emphatically does not fall into this category.

As noted, the only time an individual or company really benefits from expert third-party consultation is when highly specialized, technical expertise is a prerequisite and when no internal knowledge-base is available to resolve the problem. Because logistics concentrate on such specific areas, few companies have their own in-house authority.
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