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Logistics Management: An Integral Part of Any Business

logistics managementLogistics management is the part of the supply chain management that plans, controls and implements the storage and movement of goods and services (and all their related information) from a point of origin to the final destination or point of consumption.  If done correctly your company will benefit from efficiency, cost saving and will be known for great customer service.

As the demands of your market change and grow, your company needs to be able to change with it and still maintain your high standards of quality, price and on time delivery.  Making the decision to work with a logistics management company is a great first step to ensuring you are set up for future success.

A logistics company such as 3PL Links is an excellent example of a logistics management company that will put your needs first.  It is not a transportation company that is simply trying to sell you their shipping services.  It is a company that understands the need to learn the specifics of your situation and to come up with the best solution possible that is customized for your company. Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Consider Warehouse Services from 3PL Links

warehousingWhen your business is transporting goods from one place to another, it is crucial you have a secure warehouse to place these goods. The warehouse should be guarded around the clock to ensure your goods are not vandalized, damaged or stolen; and if you have special storage needs, such as climate control, the warehouse should be equipped to offer the service.

If goods get damaged or a theft occurs, it is not just a monetary loss to your company, it is also is loss of credibility in front of your customers due to delayed deliveries. These are issues that can cost your company dearly, both in terms of money and reputation. You should choose your warehousing partner with care. Without the right warehouse services, your business can suffer in many different ways.

Below are 5 reasons why you should choose professional warehouse services offered by 3PL Links.

  1. Expertise and Experience

3PL Links employs highly trained professionals who ensure all your logistics supply chain requirements are handled seamlessly. The company brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and hence, is equipped to provide warehousing solutions to suit your needs and budget. This storage method minimizes risks and also ensures expedient and fast service. You never have to contend with inexperienced and untrained employees which increases the risk of loss and damage. Continue reading

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