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3PL Warehouse Management

Must Haves in a Warehouse Management System

The process of managing a warehouse begins before an individual product ever arrives at the warehouse—and can continue even after the product leaves the warehouse and is delivered to its final destination. Therefore, it is critical to have the right systems in place to manage this complex process. 3PL 360’s Warehouse Management System (WMS)  has all the right features that you should look out for in order to make your warehouse management process efficient and cost effective.


The Ability to Control Warehouse Items
Gain the same visibility and information as 3PL Links’ warehouse employees to help optimize warehouse operations. With the Warehouse Management System module you will always know what is happening in 3PL Links’ warehouses worldwide. With real-time reports and web-based order entry from anywhere in the world, our module allows order shipment requests to be immediately entered into the system. This grants companies full control of their warehousing operations, from receiving and storing inventory, to picking/packing and managing shipments, to reverse logistics, and more.

The Ability to Provide Item Visibility
Bringing unparalleled visibility into your supply chain, the 3PL 360 WMS module offers real-time online reports that are available on-demand, 24/7. It is accessible from any connected computer worldwide and all reports can be downloaded for further customization. The 3PL 360 Warehouse Management System module also offers the following:

  • Stock status reports, current inventory levels by SKU.
  • Drill-down by transaction for full details.
  • Sort by transaction types including inbound receipts and outbound shipments.
  • Details per location, selectable date ranges, out-of-stock information.
  • Detailed warehouse item visibility for maintenance and control .
  • Reports can be selected by customer, warehouse or both.
  • Automatic email notifications for a variety of warehouse events can be set up based on custom preferences.

The Ability to Provide Accurate Information
The 3PL 360 WMS records inventory and sales events at the time of the transaction. This enables faster order-to-cash cycle so you can invoice or bill quicker. Our warehouse module captures billing information at time of transaction for greater accuracy. Eliminate data entry errors with:

  • Web-based order entry option.
  • Barcode scanning eliminates data entry.
  • EDI integration for order requests and shipping details.

The 3PL 360 Warehouse Management System offers world wide inventory and transaction visibility and has in-depth reporting capabilities. Featuring remote access and control of key inventory processes, it’s advanced functions allow for industry-leading accuracy.


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“Not only did we realize a 15% reduction in freight spend in our first year, but we soon realized that we could never approach the level of expertise that 3PL Links brings to the table.”

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"We could never approach the level of expertise that 3PL Links brings to the table."

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