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3PL Vendor Audit Program

Give Your Team The Power to Take Action

As a value added service to our clients, 3PL Links offers Vendor Audit and Payment Services (VAPS), that allow our clients to effectively manage their vendors while saving time and money so they can focus on running other key areas of the business—increasing sales and reducing operational costs in their supply chain.

Turning Data Into Valuable Information

Much can be said for timely and accurate information, and 3PL Links’ satisfied customer base continue to say it. Our VAP application provides the needed tools for analyzing financial and logistical data on transported shipments. These analytical tools provide customers the ability and confidence to turn massive amounts of data into valuable information that can be directly used to reduce costs, generate additional revenue and ultimately give you a competitive edge.

Benefits Overview

  • Provide the needed tools for analyzing financial and logistical data on vendor spend.
  • Provide customers the ability and confidence to turn massive amounts of data into valuable information.
  • Dynamic reports help find additional revenue and ultimately give you and your team a competitive edge.
  • Enhance bottom line company profitability through improved vendor bill auditing.

Increasing Analytical Confidence Through Reports

Historically, shipping data had been “held hostage” and getting summary reports on freight billing activities meant requesting reports from a third party which could be costly and time-consuming. Our VAP application offers a powerful user-controlled reporting engine for your complex analysis needs. The reporting engine allows for prebuilt reports to be dynamically loaded for immediate access to the needed Key Performance Indicators to help you make timely & accurate decisions. All reports can also be tightly controlled via company configurable user access security. These reports allow staff in selected departments to review invoices and adjust payments accordingly. Historically, through the use of these powerful reports, 3PL Links’ VAP application  has uncovered 8-10% savings within a company’s annual transportation spend.

Increasing Transparency to Drive Growth

The idea behind 3PL Links VAP application is simple—The more you know the more you can do. On a larger scale, the more your company knows the more your company can do. This simple premise is one that makes our VAP application so valuable to our customers. It is a source of knowledge and insight for all departments when looking to decrease costs and expedite growth. By providing vendor expenses in one central location, companies can close the loop within the auditing process that may be open when auditing vendor bills.

Benefits Overview

  • Securely stores all of our customers’ information in our Tier 1 storage facility.
  • Increase transparency between internal and external departments to expedite response times, thus minimizing the impact downstream.
  • Provide your procurement resources with the required management tools and reports to effectively conduct the bid tendering process.
  • Establish effective vendor report cards to monitor vendor performance and provide them with valuable feedback on their service.
  • Identify consolidated volume discount opportunities.
  • Consolidate your payment process by issuing one cheque to an “IN-TRUST” bank account for on-ward payment disbursements to your vendors.

Streamline Operations

With 3PL 360’s VAP application, 3PL Links ensures that all of our customers data is secured and that their vendors are complying with the stated contractual terms and conditions. 3PL Links’ VAP application eliminates the exhaustive auditing process which allows your valuable resources to focus on their core competencies. Our vendor audit and payment services have become a critical component of our customer’s business by ensuring the integrity of the supply chain. Through our VAP application we allow our customer to better forecast their freight cost, resulting in less risk and more predictability in cash flow. Moreover, it has shown to improve cash flow by gaining the ability to pre-audit freight bills prior to payment.

Ultimately, 3PL Links seamlessly integrates into our customer’s business model to enhance visibility, control, and accessibility within their supply chain and overall business operations. Our VAP application has become the core of our customers supply chain and allowed them to gain confidence knowing that they have over 150 years of transportation management experience auditing their freight.

Benefits Overview

  • Better forecast freight costs to minimize risk and increase predictability in your cash flow.
  • Reduce or reallocate resources dedicated to the vendor audit & payment function to other areas of your business
  • Eliminate duplicate billings, overcharges and incorrect accessorial charges.
  • Easily run ad-hoc analysis on any segment of the supply chain, from inbound vendors to outbound carriers.

Download the PDF version here.

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We saw a reduction in logistics costs by as much as 7 to 8%. These numbers are huge and they help to make CNB Computers competitive in a very tough market.

– Bony Chhabra, Managing Director at CNB Computers

"We saw a reduction in logistics costs by as much as 7 to 8%"

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