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Why Choose a 3PL for LTL shipments

third party logistics managementLTL shipping, also known as Less Than Truckload, refers to shipments that do not require a full trailer for transport. Many growing businesses rely on this service to deliver their goods to customers in all industries across North America. Choosing the right 3PL company can be very crucial to a small business’ livelihood because it can provide cost savings and personalized service to the needs of the end client.

1) Cost savings

Third party logistics companies specialize in growing their partnerships with small, medium and large sized LTL carriers (You may ship 2 skids per week, but a 3PL may have 100 clients like to meaning they will have deeper discount because they spend more). This gives them buying power to negotiate better rates/service for their clients. Many LTL carriers use rating systems that are based on pallet size dimensions and weight. A 3PL company has the advantage of being able to negotiate lower rates due to their higher volumes of business with different LTL carriers that specialize in different lanes industry verticals and markets.

2) Customer service

A 3PL company can offer personalized customer service by being flexible in order to meet each customer’s needs, a good 3PL will realize every client is different and tailor solutions to your needs, instead of giving you rates and fitting you into the box that is easiest for them. The different partnerships of a 3PL are an extension of their business and when it comes to servicing a client, challenges are always viewed as opportunities for growth.

3) Industry knowledge

Your 3PL partner is always up to date with the latest changes in the industry. There is no better option than to have your 3PL professionals guide you through your business and your Supply Chain challenges. The expertize from the right team as well as attention to detail can help guarantee success for any business in terms of service and their bottom line profitability.

4) Value added Service

The value that a 3PL company provides is having a team of industry professionals at your disposal, together with technology to provide visibility of your shipments and personalized attention to your business. 3PL companies can provide options and costs savings according to your customer’s needs.

Overall, a 3PL company is the best option when it comes to shipping LTL freight. Especially when shipments have special requirements like handle with care or time sensitive deadlines. 3PL companies provide an advantage for businesses looking to find the most competitive rates in the market, along with service that they can count on.

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