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How Freight Forwarding Can Increase Efficiencies

Freight ForwardingThe need for freight forwarding in the supply chain results from the complexities that often arise during the transportation of products, especially across borders. If you have goods to transport from point A to point B, a freight forwarder will find the best routes, specific couriers and even identify the most suitable mode of transport depending on your needs. They are knowledgeable and duly experienced at their work so will know how to handle technological, legal, social as well as political issues that may arise over the course of transportation.

Basically the freight forwarder handles the following activities:

  • Consolidating and distributing shipment
  • Processing necessary documentation
  • Selecting the most suiting means of transportation
  • Selecting the best routes for transportation
  • Acts as the intermediary in customs processes
  • Assumes control of parcels
  • Arranges for cargo insurance
  • Facilitates payments of parties involved

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How to Reduce Logistics Costs

Logistics CostsLogistics (and the costs therein) is a necessary part of the productivity of your business. However, you should not simply accept your company’s logistics costs for what they are. You can greatly increase your bottom line by optimizing your company’s logistics costs. The best way that you can accomplish this goal without sacrificing the efficiency of your logistics operations is to source the benefits of a third party logistics provider (3PL). Continue reading

How to Adopt an Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Strategy

Green Supply ChainToday”s businesses are under increasing pressure to go green. One way you can contribute to a greener environment is by adopting an eco-friendly supply chain strategy. Since supply chain management is such an important part of business and is also directly concerned with people and physical goods (raw materials and finished products), any step you take will have profound impact on your work environment and on the way people will perceive the image of your company.

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How Can International Freight Forwarders Streamline the Shipping Process?

Freight ForwarderFreight forwarders are people or companies that organize the shipment of goods on behalf of their customers (individuals or businesses).  They play an important role in logistics by helping manufacturers acquire the raw materials they need and distribute the finished products to customers through the various stages of the supply chain. Since a lot of businesses depend on a global supply chain these days, they use international freight forwarders to streamline their shipping process. Continue reading

Transport of Dangerous Goods: What You Need to Know Before Shipping

Dangerous MaterialsWhen moving goods from one location to another, it is very important to be aware of the legislation regarding the transport of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods are anything that can harm people, property, the environment and other living organisms. They may be in solid, liquid or a gas state. In Canada, dangerous goods are known as HazMat, short for hazardous.

Classes of dangerous goods: Dangerous goods are divided into nine classes on the basis of their chemical characteristics. There are also subcategories under each class. Continue reading

What is Reverse Logistics?

What is Reverse LogisticsLogistics is the chain of processes and events involved in moving a finished product from the manufacturer to the customer. So what is reverse logistics? Reverse logistics is backward logistics. It involves the movement of goods from the customer back to the manufacturer. This usually happens when the product is defective or when the product has been recalled because of some glitch. Continue reading

Logistics Management Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business

Logistics Management SolutionsA company”s ability to transport merchandise quickly and inexpensively is crucial for the growth of the business. But shipping large consignments of goods can be tedious, time consuming and expensive. It requires considerable administrative and other resources than can drain away your company”s profits. Instead, using the logistics management solutions provided by 3rd party logistics providers can help you save time and money and concentrate on other important areas of your business. Continue reading

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