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Challenges in Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain ManagementThere is no doubt that the world of supply chain management is becoming increasingly complex. Supply chain executives have revealed five global supply chain management challenges that will define this industry over the next few years. Reports say that the ability to manage these five challenges successfully will eventually determine the success or mediocrity of a business.

Here are some expected challenges in Global Supply Chain Management: Continue reading

How to Adopt an Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Strategy

Green Supply ChainToday”s businesses are under increasing pressure to go green. One way you can contribute to a greener environment is by adopting an eco-friendly supply chain strategy. Since supply chain management is such an important part of business and is also directly concerned with people and physical goods (raw materials and finished products), any step you take will have profound impact on your work environment and on the way people will perceive the image of your company.

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Transportation and Logistics Considerations for the Food Industry

Transportation and LogisticsThe food and dairy industry depends on the smooth and timely supply of raw materials. Since the ingredients required by food industries come from many different geographical locations, sometimes halfway around the world, transportation and logistics play an important role in ensuring the success of the industry. Because of the short term nature of raw materials and finished products, the food and dairy industry faces many unique challenges that are not found in any other industries. Continue reading

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