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Supply Chain Consultants Can Reduce Your Operational Costs

Supply Chain ConsultingOne of the most important parts of running a business that deals with physical goods is inventory management. Having a critical role in the supply chain, it determines the overall costs, losses and profit margins. A well-managed inventory ensures the smooth inflow of raw material and outflow of finished products, which is essential for the success of any business. But when inventory becomes too large or complicated and starts taking a huge amount of time and resources, many businesses turn to supply chain consultants for help. Continue reading

Tips for Improving the Order Fulfillment Process

Order Order fulfilment is a very important part of supply chain management. The success of your business depends on how quickly and efficiently you can process customer orders. The more order you can process, the faster you will be able to ship. This increases customer satisfaction and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Here are some tips for improving your order fulfilment process Continue reading

How Can International Freight Forwarders Streamline the Shipping Process?

Freight ForwarderFreight forwarders are people or companies that organize the shipment of goods on behalf of their customers (individuals or businesses).  They play an important role in logistics by helping manufacturers acquire the raw materials they need and distribute the finished products to customers through the various stages of the supply chain. Since a lot of businesses depend on a global supply chain these days, they use international freight forwarders to streamline their shipping process. Continue reading

How Does a Third Party Logistics Provider Save My Business Money?

Save MoneyA growing number of businesses and organizations are outsourcing their logistics to third party logistics providers (also called 3PL or TPL) to save time and money. 3PL companies typically offer warehousing, transportation and integrated operation services that can be tailored to the customers` needs based on market conditions. These services often go beyond logistics and include value-added services that are integral to the supply chain.

The outsourcing of logistics to 3PL providers allows you to focus on your core competencies of your business. They can help your business save money in the following ways: Continue reading

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